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Search engines like Google are providing search results for the entered search word or phrase according to their relevance. This search engine will show the websites that are deemed the most related to the query and would be helpful for the internet user. The most relevant websites will appear in the first page of the natural search result. The sequence of the natural search is chosen by the algorithm which aggregates some factors from the on page keyword or key phrase density to the website load speed, over to inbound links, mobile-friendliness & social signals.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of obtaining visitors to your website through showing in the natural search results page. Our SEO strategies start with research in the search terms that are used by people in finding a website and then optimizing the text to incorporate these phrases on the page, structuring the content on the themes depending on the research then building the inbound links towards your optimized web content from a reputable and relevant website.

Here at Equos Info Tech, our Search Engine Optimization services do include the following but these are not limited to the following:

Website audits that include technical review, content analysis and link analysis

Competitor reviews

Keyword research & recommendations

Ongoing link building

Analysis and reporting

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis looks at what your competitors do to get better rankings for those keywords which are relevant to your offering or to your market. Your performance will be benchmarked against the competition, considering the authority and the scale of the website.

Keyword Research

An audit of current website content is embarked on to recognize any significant themes or phrases that are used in researching the new keyword or key phrase opportunities that you could competitively rank for. Keyword research is significant to realize what the internet users are looking for, user and context behaviors. It means that you could shape the content to better serve the need of the end user..

On-page Optimization

This is the process of structuring and writing the content for your site that is relevant and optimized to your target customers.

Link Building and Outreach

Link building is any action which boosts the number of inbound links to the website. The analysis of competitor’s link building activity has been conducted to realize who’s linking to them & what strategy that they used to obtain the best results. Winning link building & outreach would improve your authority & ranking in search engines.

Our search marketing experts would help you in making the most of the online content so as to reach more audiences, online performance, boost awareness and eventually increase the conversions. Monthly reports would illustrate how your cash is producing the results and ROI for your organization then highlight more opportunities for development.

SEO marketing companies like Equos Info Tech is one of the most trusted SEO companies that offer high quality SEO services that can be of great help to get Google 1st rank. Call us today to learn more!