User Experience



User Experience (UX/UI Design)

At Equos, we understand that the end user determines the success of any design project.
It's their experience of our design that matters.

The designers at Equos approach UX/UI from a position of experience and understanding, carefully integrating user needs and project goals into every step of the design process. By drawing upon both real-world experience and learned design theory, our team can take on each project with a mastery of...

Does the design boast usability, is it intuitive, and does it function well for the intended audience? We believe that the answer to these questions must be a resounding yes, or the project is not complete.


Each design is conceptualized through visual mock-ups that not only illustrate the intended flow of information, but address key concepts such as usability and adherence to accessibility guidelines. Our concept maps are not only for aesthetics; they are complete and detailed “road maps” for the execution of the final product. This careful planning and preparation ensures that each iteration of the project, from concept to execution, is oriented to your goals.

...information architecture.

It's not enough to make information available to the user. For an exceptional UX, the information must be arranged in a way that makes accessing and understanding it both efficient and intuitive. By analyzing a site's content, our designers are able to organize and structure that information in the most effective way possible.

...user behavior.

A proper design requires ample research, and the Equos design team will delve deeply into your industry's marketplace to better understand your users' behaviors. Like any method of communication, a well-designed UX/UI must be built around the recipient of the information. How does your specific audience process information? How will they react to certain design elements? These are but two of the questions that we seek to answer before designing your user experience.