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Do you want your website to get the right attention that it deserves?

Do you want to target the right audience to promote your brand, drive web traffic and increase your sale? Well, all this is possible with the digital marketing technique, PPC.

PPC is the short form of pay per click, which is a form of digital marketing in which you advertise your ads online to attract your targeted audience and pay the host of the platform a fee only when your advertisement is clicked to be viewed. Basically, it is online advertising of your product or service that buys you audience as your advertisement is clicked. You pay a fee, that is, the cost per click or CPC every time your advertisement is clicked online for viewing.

You are thinking of investing in PPC advertising but are confused about whether this investment is worth doing for? Well, let us share with you some of the amazing benefits that this digital marketing strategy brings along:

  • This is the digital era; around 95% of online shoppers check for online reviews before making any purchase.
  • About 72% of customers avoid taking action to your call without reading the reviews of your business.
  • If a customer comes across two products with the same rating, they are more likely to buy the product with more reviews.

Your review system and your way of responding to these reviews are what helps you manage the reputation of your brand.

  • You can send a direct link of your product reviewing pages so that the customers do it without any hindrance. This strategy has helped many brands in increasing their star ratings.
  • Responding to the reviews is also very crucial. 41% of consumers say that the brands that respond don't just care for their clients but also value their feedback.
  • If a customer comes across two products with the same rating, they are more likely to buy the product with more reviews.
  • You can turn around even the bad reviews in your favour. If a business has only good reviews, 95% of clients suspect them of fake reviews.
  • If your online store doesn't have a review system and no reviews, about 92% of your prospects will hesitate when buying from you.

Let Our team Create your Positive Online Reputation

Your digital marketing strategy can’t help you much if you don’t engage with your customers actively. No matter the number of followers you have online, your followers will only think of you as a great brand if you connect with them; otherwise, you are just another business who wishes to earn profits through them. With our reputation management solutions.

Here’s how our team can help you in managing your online reputation and enhancing your bottom line: